The Leading Female Throat Singer from The Western World


The Master U-like

Trance Siberian Khoomei Sound:

Mongolian Horse-Head Fiddle & Throat Singing Voices(s)

meets Electro Beats, Crazy Dub-Step, Sub-Bass, etc.

Arjopa & The Master U-like weave a “Magic Carpet” of Siberian Khoomei (Throat Singing), hypnotic String Sounds, Jew’s Harp-flangers, evocative beats and  lyrics in 4 languages (English, 
German, Russian & Tuvan).

Their Trance Siberian Khoomei Sounds are a magical synthesis of modern Western music, advanced electronic sounds & traditional Asian instruments and vocal techniques. Arjopa & The Master U-like create odd sound collages, that takes audience into a world beyond time and space. Their sounds make even Taiga Spirits dance!

Arjopa:  Throat Singing, Vocals, Guitars, Dosh Puluur, Morin Khuur
Arjopa grew up in Berlin with the Russian-Siberian music of her ancestors, that emigrated from South Siberia to Germany in early 20th century. Since her earliest youth she deals with the ancient asian vocal techniques and mixes them with western music, and elements of Jazz and Folk-Rock. The leading female Throat Singer from the Western World (born in Berlin, Germany), has the recognition of well known Tuvan Khoomei Masters such as: Albert Kuvezin (Yat-Kha), Mongün-ool Ondar (Chirgilchin),  Kongar-ool Ondar (Movie:  “Genghis Blues”) and Genady Tchamzyrym (Gendos).


The Master U-like:Drums, Advanced Electronix, Mouth Harps (Khomus,Vargan)

The Master U-like studied percussion, sound design and programming in Berlin, at SAE Institute. He learned to play the shamanic Frame Drum (Düng Dür) and Mouth Harp (Khomus, Vargan) with masters in Siberia. His soundscapes correspond in a unique and remarkable way with Arjopa´s magical voice

Featured Artistis:Various musicians on guitar, bass, didgeridoo, cello and more.



Arjopa born and raised in Berlin. Deeply connected with russian/siberian music spirit of her ancestors, that moved from Southern Siberia to Berlin/Germany in early 20th century.

1980th  Arjopa studies classical Italian Opera Singing
Bel Canto & Expressional Dance
Masterclasses at:
Betty Gerlinde Boelter (Opera de Argentina, Buenos Aires)
Rolf Ahrens (Berlin Philharmonic Choir)
Lotti Huber (Expressional Dance, Berlin, Haifa, London)

Dance & Voice performances with Berlin
Off-Theater R.A.M.M.

1990th  Ethno Jazz & Improvising (Concerts & CD productions)
with “Kraut-Rock” Legens: Egdar Hofmann (Embryo),
Uli Trepte, Hans Hartmann (Guru Guru)

Concert Tours to: Mongolia, Turkey, all over Germany,
London, Amsterdam, Prag, Kopenhagen

Bestseller Teaching Book & CD published in 1999:
“Arjopa: Choomii – Das Mongolische Obertonsingen”
by Zweitausendeins – Verlag Frankfurt/Main and
by Buch Zweitausend – Zürich, Basel/Switzerland

since 2000:  ”Sreaming Mamas” Radio Play by Iris Disse
Sender Freies Berlin, SFB, 2001

Only non – tuvan jury member “Khoomei Competition”
(togehter with Albert Kuvezin, Kongar-ool Ondar)
Tuva National Theater Kyzyl, Summer 2003


Concerts & Festivals Performances since 2003 (Highlights):

  • 1st Obertonfest, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, February 2003
  • National Theater, Kyzyl, Tuva, Russian Forderation, July 2003
  • Tuva International Music Festival, Chadanna/Tuva, July 2003
  • Pfefferberg-Haus 13, Berlin, August 2003
  • RAW-Tempel, Mudd-Club, Berlin, September 2003

  • Shamanic Siberia, with Yat-Kha & Gendos (Tuva), Formular Ethno (Russia), Kesselhaus, Kulturbrauerei, Berlin February 2004
  • Khoomei Double Feature with Hosoo, Gobi-Bar, Berlin May 2004
  • Karneval der Kulturen Berlin, May 2004
  • Asia-Filmfest, Pfefferberg, Haus 13 & La Luz, Osram-Höfe Berlin, August 2004
  • RAW-Tempel, Acud-Concert Hall, Berlin, October 2004

  • Vernissage Concert with Bob Ruthman, Gallery August 85, Berlin-Mitte, March 2005
  • Yat-Kha Tour Opening, Arjopa & Band as support in Halle, August 2005
  • RAW-Tempel with Marc Miethe, Didgeridoo, Berlin, October 2005
  • King-Kong Club, Acud-Concert Hall, Berlin-Mitte, December 2005

  • Theater Charlotte, Berlin-Charlottenburg, January 2006
  • Kufa-Theater-Dok, Berlin-Moabit, February 2006
  • Galerie Tristess, Vernissage Concert Berlin-Kreuzberg, March 2006
  • Myfest, Ora34, Berlin-Kreuzberg, May 2006
  • Rodina, Berlin-Mitte, November 2006
  • Khoomei-Sound Spreading,Galerie Tristess, New Years Eve Concert Berlin-Kreuzberg, Dezember 2006

  • Tuvan New Year “Shaga Bile”, Trompete, Berlin,February 2007
  • Women´s Day, Kuturhaus-Mitte, Berlin, March 2007
  • Skythen Kongress, Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin-Mitte, July 2007
  • Folklorum, Kulturinsel Einsiedel, Zentendorf, September 2007
  • Samhain Celebration Dunker Klub, Berlin, October 2007

  • Kulturhaus, Stendal, February 2008
  • Jadlodajnia Filozoficzna, Warszaw, Poland, March2008
  • Walpurgisnacht/Beltane Celebration, Halle April 2008
  • Multikulti-Festival, Hamburg, July 2008
  • Märchentage, Magdeburg, August 2008
  • “Save Radio Multikulti”, Werkstatt der Kuturen, Berlin, September 2008

  • Sinneswandel-Schwarzlicht Installation, Berlin Mai 2009
  • Club Charlotte, Potsdam, June 2009 Douple Feature Concert with Nikolay Oorzhak (Kyzyl/Tuva) & Mikhail Zhukov (Moscow/Russia)
  • Litomerice Koren Festival for unique music, Czech Republic, July 2009
  • Kunstalle Potsdam, August 2009
  • Arjopa Autum Tour, Kyzyl, Tuva 2009

  • New Years Concert, Drei-Königs-Kirche Dresden Januar 2010
  • Bunte Republik Neustadt, Dresden Juni 2010
  • Sunflower Festival, July 2010
  • Vernissage Concert for the Mongolian painter Zaza, Gallerie Vinogradov – Eurusart, Berlin-Friedrichshain, September 2010
  • Vernissage Concert for the Ukrainian painter Alexandra Badt, Galerie Achtzig, Berlin-Mitte, October 2010

  • Festival der Russischen Kultur, Alexandrowka, Potsdam Juli 2011
  • Kunstallee Potsdam August 2011
  • “China Cup-Regatta” Knighting Ritual, Honoring Ceremony, Shenzhen/China, Arjopa + Dickson Dee, Electronics, October 2011
  • Arjopa´s Khoomei-Show, Mocca Space – I Du Tang, Shenzhen/China, November 2011
  • Arjopa + Dickson Dee, Double Feature Show, Mocca Space – I Du Tang, Shenzhen/China, November 2011
  • Arjopa + Dickson Dee, Double Feature Show, 191Space, Gouangzhou/China, November 2011
  • Arjopa as guest, Sasha Pushkin´s SP Jam, P.A.N.D.A Theater, Kulturbrauerei, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, December 2011


  • Gallery Regenturm , Vernissage Concert (Solo), Hans Wallner ‘s Mongolian Impressions , Regensburg Jan ’12
  • Substanz Concert with Theo Scipio ( Yat- Kha ), Leipzig, April ’12
  • P.A.N.D.A. Theater, Kulturbrauerei Berlin, July ’12
  • Festival-Mediaval, Selb, Sept. ´12
  • Friedenskirche (Protestant Baptist´s Church), Berlin-Charlottenburg Sept. ’12
  • Kulturhaus f24, Solo Concert, Münster, Sept. ’12
  • Klanglabor, Opening concert , Potsdam , October ’12
  • P.A.N.D.A -Theater, Kulturbrauerei Berlin, Nov.´12


  • 1st Arjopa radio show “Taiga Groooves “, Berlin, Jan ´13
  • Guest Appearance Lüül ‘s Love Lounge, BKA-Theater, Berlin, Feb. ´13
  • KLP -Kulturelle Landpartie, Wendland , Solo Concert, Mai ´13
  • 48Stunden Neukölln, Berlin June ´13
  • Hof-Fest @ “Skull Crusher” with Sigue Sigue Sputnik
 Dresden, July `13
  • Festival-Mediaval, Concerts & Workshops, Selb, Sept. ´13
  • Senkenberg Museum of Natural History, “Mongolian Week” Sound installation and live performance, Görlitz, November ’13